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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Master Builder

I have always admired anyone who can build or remodel a house. I might as well try to build a space shuttle as try to build a house. When I pastored in New York State, I worked alongside capable builders during our church’s building program. Later, when I was a pastor in Indiana, I participated in another church-building project. However, this time a general contractor did most of the work. The congregation simply provided volunteers for a few jobs. Frankly, my contribution to both build projects was likely more of a hindrance than a help. I am just not equipped to build anything except sentences and paragraphs. Once I built a doghouse, but the dog refused to enter it.

Fortunately, God is a perfect architect and builder. Abraham lived in a tent throughout most of his life, but he anticipated reaching the eternal city whose architect and builder is God. Heaven is a perfect place, designed and built without a single flaw. Do you have a title deed to a home there?

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